Eat, Shit, Die

Your finger’s on the trigger but it don’t seem right.

In this city, all men are not created equal. For centuries, my countrymen have suffered under the oppression of an ignorant and decadent aristocracy. The common people cry out for food, for liberty, for justice. But they shall have no justice without someone to fight in their name. So I will wage my silent war in the shadows. The time has come for revolution, for those to unite and make history." —ARNO VICTOR DORIAN

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I said, look behind you

I’m not a role model. I’m a role villain.

Mirror’s Edge 2


Dragon Age 2 Characters + Game of Thrones House Sayings

God of War III - Mount Olympus

God of War III - Mount Olympus


Deadpool’s level 3 Hyper Move (Video)


My favourite part of the game


there’s always that one character where you’re like “tbh I love this character bc I am this character”